Top 3 Waterfalls in Bali

This island has some of the most incredible waterfalls, here are my favourite top 3 waterfalls in Bali- hope you enjoy them!

Hey there! Bali, as we all know, has a lot to offer. And when it comes to waterfalls, this Indonesian paradise doesn't disappoint. There are so many to visit and experience but these three are my absolute favourite. They are unique in their own ways and all have something different to offer! Leke Leke, Sekumpul, and Nung Nung. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Bali's hidden natural wonders!

  1. Leke Leke Waterfall:

Nestled deep within Bali's lush central highlands, Leke Leke Waterfall is a serene escape from the tourist-packed spots. While this isn't the largest waterfall on the island, there is something so special about it - it's just so picturesque! You have to make your way through the jungle for about 30 minutes and then you'll find yourself at the dreamy multi-tiered waterfall plunging into a sparkling pool. The entrance fee is 50k per person, and you will pay this either at the entrance or at the restaurant you pass as you walk in.

The hike to Leke Leke is an easy one, making it ideal for all fitness levels. You are completely surrounded by greenery which makes it such a nice enjoyable experience to reconnect with nature. You can go for a swim in the pool or just hang out and enjoy the beauty while sitting on the rocks. Don't forget to take your camera as you won't want to miss the chance to get a great insta pic or video here! We got there around 7am and we were the only ones around for about an hour - super peaceful!

  1. Sekumpul Waterfall:

Ready for an adventure? Sekumpul is by far my absolute favourite waterfall in Bali, for so many reasons! It's a bit of a mission to get there , but that means less tourists than other spots! Plus it offers three different waterfalls within the same area which totally blew my mind. Sekumpul is located in Northern Bali - in between Lovina and Gretek, we have been there a few times either during our road trip around Bali or straight from Canggu for a one day visit. Either way, we would recommend setting out early so you can enjoy this stunning waterfall in peace. Another tip is to stay at the Sekumpul accommodation for a night so you can rest after the drive and get up early to be one of the first ones there. If you stay at the accommodation, you will also get a pass to the waterfall and only have to pay the general entrance fee. The family who run the accommodation are lovely and offer delicious food at their restaurant.

There are 3 different waterfalls to visit here - Sekumpul, Secret and Fiji waterfall If you stay at the accommodation, you only have to pay 20k for the entrance fee to Sekumpul and Secret waterfall, then another 20k for Fiji waterfall. If you do not stay, then you will be required to pay a guide to take you around, for just two waterfalls it is 150k per person, for all 3 it is 200k per person. The trek is pretty easy and the waterfalls and signposted well, so it is completely fine to go alone if you like, when we paid the full price, we asked if we could just go alone and the guide was happy with that.

Sekumpul is just breathtaking! you will be surrounded by lush rainforest and feel at one with nature. Be prepared to get completely soaked, so if you are taking camera gear or anything valuable, don't forget to bring plastic bags and raincoats to protect your gear.

  1. Nung Nung Waterfall:

Hidden away in the Tabanan regency, Nung Nung Waterfall is another breathtaking waterfall that will leave you speechless. This waterfall is about an hour from Canggu or Ubud, I would suggest to get there early as possible, as it can start to get busy close to lunchtime. Get ready for a steady descent down many stairs that's surrounded by dense forest, trust me it's worth it! Nung Nung waterfall is so beautiful and picture perfect!

Nung Nung is another powerful waterfall so be prepared if you take your camera etc. down! I would recommend taking plastic bags. It costs 20k for the entrance fee and you won't need a guide as it's very easy to find your way down to it. It's a bit of a steep climb back up so don't forget to take water and maybe even a little snack!

Bali's waterfalls have it all - natural beauty, adventure, and serenity. Leke Leke, Sekumpul, and Nung Nung Waterfalls are so stunning in their own unique way and I hope you get the chance to visit all of them. If you enjoy adventure, nature and getting wet, get out there and enjoy some of Bali's natural gems.