Hi there! I'm Joana (Jo), an adventurer with a passion for travel, a love for animals and all things natural. Currently living in Bali with my boyfriend of 12 years Chris Glaze, I dedicate myself to exploring the world and inspiring others along the way.

I was born in Peru and moved over to New Zealand when I was 2 years old. Growing up in a beautiful country like NZ gave me a passion for nature and the outdoors, while having an immigrant family, speaking Spanish and having a completely different culture meant I was always searching for new experiences and adventures. My heart was always yearning for new horizons which lead me to travel all over the world and finally end up in my current home in the beautiful island paradise of Bali.

Chris and I love showing the world through our lens of photography and videos, which we hope inspires fellow wanderers. Travel is something that changed my life, it broadens our perspectives and enriches our souls. By sharing my personal adventures, I hope to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new cultures and explore the world.

I love sharing tips, advice and insider knowledge along the way, as well as beautiful photos and videos that capture the essence of the places I travel to.

I'm excited to inspire, learn and create unforgettable memories with you all! Welcome to my world of travel and discovery.